New product for your Mineral station, Blue Charm Jo

New product for your Mineral station, Blue Charm Jo

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For some years the pros and researchers of Monette outdoor’s, trying to create a product that would prevent and stop melting salt and minerals that have put our most saline for the spring season and he has a lot of heavy rain with test research and perseverance, Blue charm Jo just world. Basically Blue Charm is a strong formulation of nutrients that fills mineral deficiencies and lack of other nutrients in deer habitats. Tests on Blue Charm with our team of professionals in the field is rapid, more traffic and the quick crops or moose and deer come immediately fill their gaps for spring and fall. Blue Charm quickly becomes prefer internally our pros to make a difference on their hunting time put Stéphane Monette, missing more for the product to become exceptional. In spring 2014, one of our pros who works as a guide and excellent observer, liquefies the product to test the reaction of the game . This test brought this idea to install a fast curing system for Blue charm become one of the most innovative products from the creation of salt. Blue charm Jo becomes a liquid mixture will harden on saline. Testing leads us to develop a protocol to use for a more effective product. The best results is simple, having been deposited into your strain your additive and mineral salt, pour Jo Blue charm on your preparation saline after 24 hours in the open air, Blue charm Jo hardened on your preparation to preserve all bad weather of spring and ideally the technique of making holes in your strain to make penetrate the possible mineral products in your strain will boost the quality of your saline (our best results in combination with Blue Charm Jo was one of or use orifruit cerfruit depending on the game you have on your territories). One of the many reasons that Blue Charm Jo is so effective is the addition of natural and artificial smell the big game found in small quantities in the forest and Jo Blue Charm is made of smells focus, so it’s a other reasons that quickly attracts the big game. Another key feature is the Blue Charm proceed to release odors when the Blue charm Jo gets wet. The Aditif a digestion acceleration probiotics product gives the effect that whenever the products receive the humidity (rain or pink), it generates strong attractive odors which makes the game depending on the product. Blue charm Jo extend the life of your more than 4 weeks saline in perfect condition, but what makes the Blue Charm is so effective is the nutrient variation and odor that moose and deer research both in their diet . Blue charm Jo becomes for pros Farm a must for the success of their saline and from spring 2015, Blue charm Jo will be available in the best hunting products retailers. Again the team of Monette Outdoor’s is the first to innovate to increase the chances of hunters harvest in Canada

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